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Healing &


Plant Medicine Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions
10-Day Healing and Self-Expression Plant Medicine Retreat

The Sacred Valley + Machu Picchu, Peru 

Retreat 1: June 4-14, 2017        Retreat 2: June 18-28, 2017

FAQs Below

Frequently Asked Questions


What will I gain from this retreat?


  • Obtain new or renewed clarity on your life's purpose

  • Craft or reaffirm your life's vision

  • Learn the art of being highly effective with less effort

  • Save thousands of dollars and years worth of time in place of expensive and often ineffective therapy

  • Learn how to spend less and enjoy more of life

  • Build community and network with other supportive, like-minded companions

  • Write the whole trip off as a business expense

  • Gain or extend a deep sense of confidence

  • Feel powerfully rejuvenated and excited to engage your life again

  • Return to a deep sense of gratitude as the foundation of both your personal and professional lives



Is there anything I should do to prepare?


Once you register, you’ll be able to set up your one-on-one, pre-trip intention setting coaching session.   You will also receive communications, including a list of all the essential items you need for the trip, clothing items to bring, dietary guidelines, and any other pertinent information to ensure you get the most our of the retreat.


Do you offer any transportation to and from the retreat location?


Once you arrive in the Cuzco airport in Peru, we’ll cover all the transportation you’ll need up until our last night together. 


What are the accommodations like?


During our first 6 nights, you’ll have your own room at the retreat center, as well as access to the retreat center’s lovely grounds.  Due to popularity of the sacred sites however, at Machu Picchu, you will share a room with one of your fellow participants for two nights, as well as during your last night in Cuzco.


What does this retreat include?


  • 10 Days, 9 Nights Accommodation in Peru, including lodging at top notch retreat center and boutique hotel accommodations at Macchu Piccu and Cuzco.

  • 1 Hour pre-trip one-on-one intention setting coaching call.

  • 1 Hour pre-trip video call to meet your fellow participants and set the container before the retreat call before the retreat

  • 1 Hour post-trip one-on-one integration

  • 1 Hour post-trip video call to reflect with your fellow participants

  • 3 healthy meals each day during the retreat (Ceremony days, however, will require that we skip one or two of the meals in preparation)

  • Individual check in and intention setting with your shaman before each plant medicine journey

  • Your own private bedroom at the retreat center

  • 1 Day-long Southern Hemisphere Winter Solstice San Pedro Journey Led by Shaman Javier

  • 2 Evening Ayahuasca Journeys Led by Shaman Javier Reguiero

  • 2 Nights at a Boutique hotel in Machu Picchu.

  • 1 full day exploring  Machu Picchu

  • A plentiful mixture of group activities, Self-reflection and facilitated time with Austin and Epiphany

  • All lodging and transportation (excluding airfare) included.

  • Time to journal, reflect, clear you mind, enliven your body, explore, and just BE

  • Time to shop for beautiful Peruvian art, artifacts, tapestries, and clothing

  • Plenty of loving surprises to allow to gain the most from your retreat experience


What makes this retreat different from others?


From the moment you register for this retreat, you will be taken on an exquisitely curated experience with your healing, Self-expression, and transformation in mind.


This retreat will bring together 4 key components to help you to live an extraordinary life.


First off, creativity expert Austin Hill Shaw will be providing you with a sacred framework for helping you understand your core human needs, as well as how to fulfill them, a framework that you be able to put to use in all areas of your life.


Second, Epiphany Shaw, will help you to parse out the exact language around any self defeating limiting beliefs you might be either consciously or unconsciously telling yourself so that you let them go in ceremony.


Thirdly, Shaman Javier Reguiero will be providing individual counsel before each medicine ceremonies, post-ceremony integration meetings after each of the medicine ceremonies, as well as master facilitation during the ceremonies themselves.


Fourth, we’ll be merging our own journey as individuals and as a group with the wisdom of the land itself, sacred sites where people have been coming to for thousands of years of for guidance, renewed vision, and healing, including The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.


Finally, the pre and post coaching calls and integrations will allow you to come to the experience prepared, to enter into the retreat fully, and help you to integrate your experience into both your personal and professional lives as you transition back home.


What should I bring with me?


Once you register, we’ll be sending you a full checklist of what to bring, including clothing suggestions and other important items.


What is the cost of the retreat?


The cost of the retreat is US $8997, which includes everything but airfare. 

Early Bird Option:

If you pay in full by March 31st, 2017, you will save US $1000, bringing the cost down to US $7997.

Payment Plan Option:


There is also a payment option of 4 monthly payments of US $2375 for a total of US $9500. 


Besides the cost of registration, are their any other costs?


All participants are required to pay for their airfare to and from Cuzco, Peru. 


You will also want to bring extra spending money as you will have time towards the end of the trip to go shopping for beautiful Peruvian art, artifacts, tapestries, and clothing.


Do you offer any discounts for students, seniors, travel discounts, or low income?  Is there a payment plan?


We do offer a discount of US $1000 for those who pay in full before April 14th, 2017. If you like saving money, pay early as this is the best deal.  


Is there a guarantee? What’s your return policy?


What we can guarantee that you will be immersed in an incredible environment with a tight-knit group of people dedicated to healing, growth, Self-expression, awakening, and living purposeful, deeply meaningful lives.  We will also be utilizing the best of modern transformative practices combined with ancient healing modalities, including sacred plant medicines administered by world-renowned shaman. 


How you choose to show up, however, and your willingness to share both your brilliance and to be upfront and honest about all that needs healing will determine the quality of your experience.


Given that this is a 10-day Retreat in another country which involves a significant amount of planning and investment from us to create, we do not offer refunds after May 1st 2017. We currently have a 3-day post registration period during which time you can request in writing to get 100% of your money back. There is also a cancellation period which ends on May 1st 2017, which is approximately 6 weeks prior to the retreat. If life circumstances prevent you from joining us you can receive a full refund, minus a $1500 Deposit before May 1st 2017.  After May 1st, 2017 there are no refunds.


You can also read our full Participation Agreement which has this policy in it.


Is there anything else I should know?


More than anything, the creation of this retreat is a labor of love. This work is deeply meaningful to us. The have helped us in our marriage, in our parenting, in our businesses, and, in general, have helped us to live purposeful, deeply meaningful lives. We are looking forward to inviting you in as a member of our family, sharing these sacred experiences with you, and sharing our own practices and tools.


We are excited to bring you the absolute best methods we know for creating a sacred container, setting strong intentions, healing what needs to healed, and emerging with a whole new sense of joy, wonder, and possibility.  


As such we are dedicated to building a tight-knit group that is dedicated to their own healing and Self-expression, to the well-being of the group as a whole, and to the enrichment of all the live you will positively affect as a result of participating fully in the experience. 


If you choose to participate, please bring yourself fully and completely. If you are unable or unwilling to do so, please consider NOT going on this retreat.

Still have questions about
The Healing & Self-Expression Retreat?

If you still have questions that aren't covered here feel free to contact us for a 30 minute one on one conversation.  You can pick a time by clicking here: schedule a phone call.


In case there are no phone appointments available, send us your request and a phone number where to reach you at

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